Black Desert prepares to shoot the Archer onto the PlayStation 4 on March 4


The Archer! A dramatic opponent stepping out of the shadows in Black Desert! Or remaining in the shadows; it doesn’t actually matter, the whole point of having a ranged weapon is that you don’t have to concern yourself with getting close to your enemies. You just shoot them with arrows. PlayStation 4 players will have that option once the class launches on March 4th, letting everyone gain access to this long-range combatant.

Of course, the Archer isn’t just special because he likes to pepper everything with miniature flying spears or because he can make an absolutely killer chicken pot pie. (That one doesn’t really come up in regular gameplay.) He’s also special because unlike other classes, he starts with his Awakening weapon and can swap back and forth between a great bow and a crossbow as necessary. So there’s no limit to the amount of ranged damage you can deal, although you will have to confine yourself to either using the bow or the crossbow instead of using both at the same time. (Two-handed weapons are like that.)

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