CSGO esports set a new online viewership record thanks to quarantine


While the final competition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 didn’t exactly draw a huge physical crowd owing to a coronavirus quarantine, it did reportedly set a new viewership record online, so there were plenty of eyes on the final in spite of them not physically being present.

According to analysis from Esports Charts, Katowice 2020 raked in a peak viewership of 1,002,132 people, setting a new record for the event itself and also breaking the viewership totals of 2019’s Berlin Major and 2017’s Krakow Major. While there were better than a million people watching online, the physical venue in Katowice, Poland, was practically empty thanks to a last-minute quarantine, which likely helped to drive viewership numbers upwards. The CSGO final saw Natus Vincere take down G2 Esports in a 3-0 sweep.

The quarantine at Katowice is just the latest in a string of impacts the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has made to the gaming industry itself, including voluntary cancellations of PAX East attendance and GDC attendance, a cancellation of EVE Fanfest in April, a wholesale rescheduling of GDC, and even a hindrance of development on EVE Echoes.

source: Polygon

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Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

Considering last year’s Katowice event was visited by 174000 people, this is still a huge number of viewers even if you will subtract this amount from the numbers of online viewers. Of course this was partially because people all around the world are now sitting at home instead of going out due to virus so they have time to watch streams. It is still impressive in any case and yet another proof (in addition to other statistics like Steam charts) that most gamers do like PvP if it is done well in games, regardless of what few basement-dwelling neckbeards might think (I keep reading nonsense in the comments about “PvP games do not sell”) ;-)


Online Games,MMOs and Costco are going to make a lot of money.

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