Daybreak extended H1Z1’s latest season a few more days

Trash pandas.

If you’re hoping to squeeze a bit more time out of your climb up the H1Z1 leaderboards, then your wish has just been granted by Daybreak Games. The studio recently announced that season six has been extended into this week and offered a look at the premium rewards waiting at the end.

Season six will now run through Wednesday, March 4th, which should be enough time for players to snag the unique seasonal reward helmet of their dreams. There’s a tactical welding helmet for silver, a patriotic motorcyle helmet for gold, the personal favorite Stealth Cat helmet for platinum, and a couple of Seraph Masks for diamond and master ranks.

This seasonal extension may be a way of biding time after the big Daybreak split-up into multiple substudios, the announcement for which didn’t mention the H1Z1 franchise whatsoever and made already-worried players even more worried. The PC version of the game, Z1 Battle Royale, recently saw a spike in popularity to 900% in concurrency in January when compared to the month before, thanks entirely to the efforts of streamers trying to save the game. Whatever the motivation, there’s at least a little more time for players to snag that sweet kit.


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I must be H1Z1’s biggest fan, I’m literally the only person keeping an eye on its news.

Wilhelm Arcturus

It isn’t like Daybreak is helping anybody out when it comes to keeping up. The H1Z1 social media presence is all about scheduled downtimes and little else.