Diablo III previews its 20th season, arriving on March 13


Ready for another season in Diablo III? You’ve only got about two weeks to be ready, because it’s due to land on Friday, March 13th, and there’s a preview of things to come. And we’ll be honest, a fair number of what’s available this season may look familiar to those who play seasonal content regularly.

Season 20 is called the Season of the Forbidden Archives, which means it’s all about Zoltan Kulle and Kanai’s Cube. Specifically, this season will allow players to stuff their Cube’s Legendary power slots with any three abilities instead of being limited to one weapon, one armor, and one jewelry power. Cosmetic rewards for this season see season 8 rewards making a comeback, along with a new portrait frame and a new pet as the end of season rewards as well as other rewards and conquests. As for Haedrig’s Gift, the goodies for every class have also rotated once more.

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