Grim Dawn’s latest update introduces Monster Totems and a giant list of item changes


Update of Grim Dawn is live, and it has some new content in the form of Monster Totems and an absolutely massive list of itemization changes. What it doesn’t have, however, is a swanky patch name, so I’m going to give it one: “Holy Crap All the Items Are Different Now and Also Monster Totems.” Clearly, I am very good at naming updates.

The patch notes for this new update tell the complete tale, detailing the new Monster Totem feature, ten new Legendary items, some new Monster Infrequents that drop from Ilgorr the Eternal and Lagoth’Ak Harbinger of Blood, and a variety of backend changes. It also has made a laundry list of changes to certain items, components, legendary set items and non-set items, as well as a variety of tweaks to classes.

It really is another beefy set of patch notes for the Holy Crap update, which is the shortened version of the full update name that I just came up with. You’re welcome.

source: official forums. Cheers, Castagere!

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Clearly, you should be consulted the next time some game needs a title.
Anyways, backend ? What is this backend? Did they sneak in servers while I wasn’t paying attention?

Castagere Shaikura

This game really needs to get more press love. These giant patches are amazing. And the change to components is just wow. No more having to farm for 4 pieces to make a whole one. They drop completed now. The totems are going to be fun if you play on anything harder than a normal setting. They are random spawns and drop rare and legendary gear. And there is some info on the next patch opening up more zones. That bridge in Broken Hills near the portal will be repaired for one of the new zones. These are some really great devs and their community is giving them the praise they should get from gaming sites.

Kickstarter Donor

Convenient timing since I’ve fallen off Wolcen for the moment and am waiting on the next league in PoE (may not play, but we’ll see). Been meaning to jump back in but over the weekend I saw some issues with the build being buggy/crash-prone. I’ll give it a spin either way, monster totems seem fun and I like killing waves of enemies for loot. Guess I’ll try to figure out my Oathkeeper build and get that character up to the latest expansion, still haven’t played through that yet.


Yeah Wolcen just made me want to play Grim Dawn, so I got the new expansion and promised myself I’ll actually play it! (also GD is on sale on Humble Bundle). I went with the Oathkeeper too, mixed it with Demo, and am farther in the game than I have been before. The new class started off really slow, but eventually came into its own for me. Tons of passives and rushing around, tossing a shield with explody bits flying all over. Fun stuff.