RuneScape adds scaling to Solak, adds a ripper demon pet, and revives the Ninja Team


If it’s Monday, it’s another weekly update from RuneScape! In the regular weekly newsletter from Jagex we’re getting word of some new scaling features for the Solak fight, the reveal of a cuddly(?) demonic pet, and the return of the Jagex Ninja Team among other things.

First, the fight against the boss monster Solak will now scale its difficulty based on group size. When the fight first arrived in 2018, it was only available in 2-player or 7-player flavors, but now players who want to take on this big grumpy rock monster can come as they are. There were also a couple of quality-of-life tweaks made to the fight itself like the removal of defense animations to make the fight look smoother and a right-click option to start the fight.

Would you like to have a tiny demon following you around? Sure you do. Ripper demons now have a 1-in-30,000 chance to drop the adorably evil nipper demon pet. For those who are seeing gold coins in their eyes at the prospect of selling this new pet, you should know that the nipper demon pet is untradeable. Also bear in mind that once the pet drops, it won’t drop any more.

During RuneScape’s weekly stream, it was revealed that the Ninja Team of JMods has returned and is ready to swiftly address player concerns and issues in the game. If you’re looking to enlist the help of these ninjas, simply head to the Ninja Team Dojo, complete the CAPTCHA, and fill out the form.

The weekly newsletter has its usual updates as well, including this week’s patch notes, live stream schedules, and another friendly reminder of the arrival of the Archaeology skill. In short, lots of things for RuneScape fans to read up on.

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