Wurm Online has officially ended its real money trade market


Players of Wurm Online already knew that this was coming, but now it’s officially official: The real money trade market has been officially halted in order for the game to comply with Steam’s requirements to bring the sandbox to the platform.

A forum post has reminded Wurm players of just what behavior is expected of players. Posts involving RMT transaction options will be removed, the market channel of the game’s official Discord will be reset. Players who advertise RMT in the in-game chat will be met first with a warning and then moderation if advertising continues, and the team will be looking at reviewing past sales and threads involving RMT and whether action will be taken. Any decisions to archive or remove part of the market threads history will be communicated with notice to remove or rewrite with no mention of RMT.

In case you somehow missed the initial announcement, this change was first decided in February in order to both bring Wurm Online to Steam successfully as well as to halt a host of problems that the real money trade brought to the game. Basically, if you’re a trader, you’d better get used to in-game currency only.


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In game RMT always seemed like a dumb way to get into trouble with the IRS to me.


it mainly because WO is heading to Steam soon and they don’t allow it. should be interesting, many players made good money or at least money to help pay for the prem time . I look forward to the future, but hope the fast moves they are making like only 45 days notice to this change. won’t kill the current player base. i miss the 500-1000 players days…


But it will still exist on reddit and other places, right? Just not sanctioned.