ArcheAge’s Treacherous Tides is live with a new ocean raid boss and Swiftblade ancestral skills

RIFT’s ninth birthday may have come and gone without so much as a whisper from Gamigo this past weekend, but ArcheAge is still getting love, most recently in the form of Treacherous Tides, which released the kraken Charybdis. In this game, she’s all sea monster, rather than whirlpool.

“Charybdis, the terrible sea monster sealed away in Bloodsalt Bay has broken free from its shackles and is now prowling the vast seas of Erenor for the first time. Brave sailors must join forces with their fellow players to defeat this powerful Raid Boss in exhilarating naval battles. In the new Solo Dungeon, Hereafter Rebellion, restless souls and the minions of the Crimson Army are causing mayhem. Players can command their own armies to stop the threat or rescue the lost souls for Hereafter Prestige. Precious rewards await the heroes for every enemy defeated!”

Apparently, there was a snafu in this rollout, as Charybdis wasn’t spawning on NA servers this weekend, ensuring an EU guild snagged the first kill.

Along with the big bad, players can look forward to a new solo dungeon and ancestral skills for the Swiftblade skillset.


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