Magic Legends details the design of the Beastcaller


Contrary to what the name might imply, the Beastcaller in Magic Legends does not sit around with a corded phone in hand talking with various beasts on the phone about whether or not anyone can believe what that other beast did in gym class, oh my gawd. Instead, the class is a melee and summoning powerhouse wading into battle alongside an Aether Fox companion. The latest development diary on the official site details the process of designing the Beastcaller while matching into the general aesthetic of green magic.

The goal for the overall aesthetic was to call back to the primal roots of green magic, wading into battle with an enormous axe that seems to move effortlessly, making it look distinct from other melee classes complete with the sense of having a small army at its side. In gameplay terms, the class can switch between empowering summoned creatures or serving as a melee wrecking ball, all of which fits within the same general green overview. Check out the full diary for more concept art if you’re eager to swing an axe with all the beasts you can call in an evening. It’s been a Beastcaller-filled few days for the game, after all; we even got a hands-on look at the game over the past weekend along with the class itself.

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