Rend’s music won the 2019 IFMCA Award for a video game score despite sunset

Well... cool.

The world can be a weird place. Rend has won the 2019 International Film Music Critics Association award for Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media. It’s the sort of feather in one’s cap that can easily be put up on a game’s store page… except that it can’t be done for Rend because the game has already shut down. It’s almost like an unintentional posthumous recognition.

Of course, composer Neal Acree was dignified and thankful for the award on Twitter, which is certainly well-deserved considering that Rend did have an excellent score. But as we’ve related before, the game failed to catch on and essentially launched into maintenance mode, only to shutter entirely this year following layoffs at Frostkeep Studios. While the game’s private servers are not being touched and can continue to operate, the lonely few on those servers are the only ones who will get to hear this award-winning music now.

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This game had so much potential and even in the state it is now it’s not terrible (it is still playable as the devs have allowed community servers to continue running). These developers just made a huge mistake in “launching” then abandoning it to jump on the terrible BR hype train and made Zeus’ Battleground (Which has also already shut down, and was awful by all accounts). If they’d continued supporting and updating this, I think it would have found quite the audience.