Ultima Online adds barrel punching to house decay, Dark Age of Camelot answers a grab bag of questions


For those MMORPG players who like their games a bit more old school, there’s some new updates coming out of Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot, with the former providing updates to house decay in its latest test build and the latter answer a potpourri of player questions.

In the most recent newsletter from Ultima Online, players are getting alerted to a variety of house decay rule changes in Publish 108, currently on the test server. This includes items in a house getting put into barrels once a house enters certain states of decay. These barrels can be punched in to by players in order to break them open, where previously items just drop on the ground. The newsletter also has a look at some new Ultima Store items and has a quick Q&A section.

Speaking of Q&A sections, Dark Age of Camelot’s Friday post took some time to answer a grab bag of player questions. As one would expect with a grab bag of questions, there’s no real underlying theme other than they all seem to be focused on combat, but the answers themselves go in depth whether they talk about how crit chance is calculated or whether damage caused by storms, siege weapons, and traps can be affected by anything.

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