EVE Online’s next Skilling Spree event adds a PvP component


The popular Skilling Spree and Chilling Spree events of EVE Online are coming back to the game, but this time there’s a PvP-shaped wrinkle being added to the event. Now, players will get to earn additional skill points for taking out other players, and there will even be daily challenges that are offered. Effectively, will be able to rack up “hundreds of thousands of skill points” by blowing up other players according to the announcement post.

This event is due to arrive with the March release, along with the intriguing addition of the Frigate Escape Bay to every battleship and a number of updates made to the market like specific tick sizes for order prices, an increased minimum fee for player-hosted markets, and a higher cost to order modification among other adjustments.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)

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isnt this asking for farming free kills via alts?