Lord of the Rings Online introduces a new raid and several class adjustments in its latest update

Hope you’re up on your Sindarin, because the latest content update for Lord of the Rings Online has a whole mess of it. Specifically, Update 25.4, which features a new raid and some tweaks to classes among other things. Allow the official setup post to lay the scene:

“Far beneath the Ephel Duath, in the deepest caverns of Torech Ungol, lies the Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness. There, wreathed in webs of shadow only the Light of Eärendil might hope to penetrate, lies the lair of Ungwetari, the last child of Ungoliant.”

This series of mouthfuls is a long way of saying that a new raid is available for anyone with the Minas Morgul expansion, with tiers one and two currently available. Also, considering the whole “last child of Ungoliant” thing, it’s probably spiders.

Update 25.4 has also made some changes to classes, with several having their Stun skill cooldowns reduced to 60 seconds, changes to defensive stats versus vitality to encourage more variety in defensive build itemization, and changes to itemization budgets for avoidances and incoming healing, tactical mitigation, and Vitality and health. There are also a few class-specific tweaks as well.

The update has made other changes as well, such as offering universal optional crafting ingredients starting at level 20, a pretty lengthy list of item changes, and more. While not the beefiest set of patch notes, there’s certainly a lot for players to absorb.


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Alistair Beswick

The nerf to Runekeepers seems a bit rash?

odin valhalla

They were over performing in relation to other ranged classes, much like Blue line hunters were a few years ago. Agreed its probably a bit much but I dont think its rash. RK’s had two spectacular DPS lines and a very good healing line.