Survival sandbox Stars End’s latest update promises to significantly improve performance


When you subtitle your game update with “No More Lag,” you are either setting yourself up to stumble or are supremely confident that things are going to run more smoothly. Sci-fi survival sandbox MMO Stars End appears to be absolutely brimming with the latter, as its most recent update should make things in the game run a lot smoother.

The specifics of what were done were reportedly too numerous to mention in a full set of patch notes beyond “MAJOR VISUAL PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS,” but the update post does promise that hundreds of “Worked on X, to improve performance by Y%” adjustments have been made. This should ultimately result in smoother framerates in Stars End, especially in locations like on space stations and Clayton City.

The update also brings a number of other adjustments such as fixes to repair hammer issues, fixes for damage and repair problems with landing pads and wood shack roofs, and a new area outside of Clayton. The patch notes offer more details, even if they are effectively shorter than usual.

Just in case this game got lost amidst the survival sandbox crowd, Stars End is a survival MMO with a decidedly Firefly vibe to it. It hit early access this past fall and has been releasing a number of updates ever since including a new character and vehicle system, new tutorial and town redesigns, and reworked mounts.

source: Steam
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