Test your World of Warcraft geography knowledge with this player-made quiz

Very mature.

Do you know Azeroth? I mean, do you really know Azeroth? As in you can pick out the Timeless Isle or the Ruins of Alterac? If you fancy yourself a World of Warcraft geography buff, then perhaps you can try your hand at a little player-made quiz.

Where in Warcraft challenges players to several rounds of location-based guessing, with a picture of a vista offered that players can scan before pointing out a location on the map of Azeroth and making a guess. The quiz comes in both Retail and Classic flavors just in case you want to test your old school knowledge.

This clever little game comes by way of WoW fans Kruithne and Falerian and should likely be a fun little measuring stick for fans of the title to compare one another to. For the record, I didn’t do very well on my attempt, but in my defense I’ve always been awful at geography, fictional or otherwise.

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