Black Desert’s anniversary event, world boss, new zone, and 10.6 million characters


A very happy birthday to Black Desert, which is celebrating its fourth anniversary here in the west. The popular fantasy sandbox put out an infographic for the occasion, saying that over 10.6 million characters have been created to date.

It’s not just stats; the game’s birthday coincides with a huge patch, Ancient Protector world boss, and anniversary event. “This new update also brings a new challenge for the most ambitious adventurers with the newly added monster zone at Ash Forest,” Kakao said. “That’s not all, the succession skills of the Guardian are becoming available this week! Enjoy the new powerful skills of the Black Desert Online’s newest class!”

The studio is giving away $200 worth of in-game items to players who log in to grab them over the next month. These goodies include an inventory expansion, a classic outfit set, and a Tier 4 pet.

Source: Black Desert, #2, #3

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Amount of carracks (~12 per “server”) is underwhelming considering barter is the most profitable activity in the game.

Toy Clown

Even though I’m not currently playing BDO, I do love logging in for all the freebies. Woow. I feel like a squatter when it comes to this game!

Kickstarter Donor

I love the graphic, with the comparisons to real-world facts.

The event has some pretty neat rewards, too. There are anniversary items that you pick up from mobs or fish up, etc. that are there strictly to get you cash.

I’m having fun with it!