Star Trek Online shows off the Section 31 battlecruiser in a livestream


If you love seeing those T6 ships in Star Trek Online in action, then the latest episode of Ten Forward Weekly is right up your alley as the livestream offered a look at the Section 31 battlecruiser.

The video takes a deep dive with ship designer Donny Versiga and systems designer Jette Leavens about the creation of this battlecruiser, along with a look at the ship running in “dark mode” which effectively turns off its beacons, lights, and shields, as well as the ship’s drone swarm, which reduces the ship’s hull but adds some point defense cannons that come flying out to attack enemies.

In other STO news, the most recent patch for the PC version has details on events such as the Battle at the Binary Stars campaign, adjustments to Legacy progress, and a few other fixes. Most of the patch notes are all about the events and rewards waiting for players, so make sure to scour those for the salient details and check out the Section 31 battlecruiser video below or this handy synopsis from Reddit.


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