Final Fantasy XIV discusses the environmental art that went into making Shadowbringers

In a world of human wreckage.

The world of the First that players explore in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers feels similar to the regions players are familiar with from the Source, but also different. The second in the ongoing series of videos explaining how the design team created the expansion is now available, and it talks about how the team managed to keep some contiguous looks for the new locales while also forging a new visual identity for the parallel world.

Among some of the more interesting points of discussion are the team basing the ruins around Rak’tika upon the ruins of Angkor Wat, the clouds of the perpetual light over Norvrandt drawing from the clouds over Guam, and the difficulty that went into designing a particularly important island in Lakeland. Check out the whole video just below if you’re curious about how the environmental team took the concept of a world smothered in light and made it a physical place.

Source: YouTube