Overwatch kicks off competitive season 21 with its new hero pools feature


The time is now for the competitive players of Overwatch to hop in to the pool. The hero pool, that is! Season 21 is now underway, and it brings along with it the much-vaunted hero pools feature, which rotates the number of heroes available to play from week to week as we’ve reported before.

So what is this change meant to do? According to an in-house interview with principal game designer Scott Mercer, it’s all about making sure the meta stays fresh. “We get feedback from our players about how the meta doesn’t change often enough,” explained Mercer. “Hero pools are part of a solution to address players’ desire to have a constantly shifting meta.”

Players can expect hero pools to isolate certain characters from the roster for no longer than two weeks at a time, and characters who get significant balance changes won’t be made unavailable in the interest of letting players see how those changes affect the game. Ultimately, hero pools aren’t likely going to be a silver bullet for changing the meta, but are described as a tool for the devs to use and the team will adapt as things change.


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So they have turned it into sugar rush from Wreak it Ralph just in a 2 week schedule rather than daily.

I like the idea is it will allow more diverse use of character. I get tired of the crowd forcing people into min max meta as it take away from a game that is competitive as it is really hard to balance every composition of teams against another.