Revelation Online announces Skyward World expansion with new raid, tutorial, and weddings

Revelation Online is having a bit of a moment. Not only is MY.GAMES celebrating the MMO’s third birthday here in the west, but it’s just announced a new expansion called Skyward World, complete with a new raid, new class abilities, new battle companions, an achievement system update, a tutorial revamp, and even cross-server weddings.

“The Skyward World expansion opens the gates to the Skyfeather Kingdom: Voras, a completely new world for players to travel to and explore! Adventurers will behold stunning new horizons and take flight for new quests, diabolical challenges, new class abilities and much more. When calamity threatens all the known world, an exhilarating new adventure will send players through time and space to avert it. In the War of the Wardens storyline, players will traverse 1,600 years of Nuanor’s history to help four of the Wardens, uncover the wicked secrets of the City of the Demon Gods, face off against dangerous new foes, and relive the battles of days gone by, to save the future!”

Expect it later in March; we’ve got the new pics and trailer down below.


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Always good to see an MMO doing well enough to get expansions.