This Magic Legends video puts a cap on PAX East


PAX East is gone; long live PAX East! If you missed out on the recent convention, then you can enjoy just a taste of what it was like to approach the Magic Legends booth and try the demo for Cryptic’s upcoming title.

The team put out a quick one-minute montage from the convention, showing plenty of curious gamers trying out this online spin into the Magic the Gathering universe. The team looked like it had a lot of fun, and if you squint at certain points, you may even see a glimpse of actual gameplay footage.

Of course, if you want something more substantial than a puff video, check out our hands-on impressions of Magic Legends from the show floor. Of the demo MOP’s Colin said, “It rides the fine line between multiplayer and massively multiplayer RPGs, and it’s a really interesting twist on the Diablo-like MMO archetype. I’m glad that Cryptic’s team was given the freedom to do something a little different from their other MMOs, because I think this will turn out to be something special.”

Source: YouTube

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