RuneScape Mobile gameplay is demonstrated on iOS in a developer livestream


RuneScape Mobile as been chugging along in early access for Android devices for quite a while now, but that’s also left iOS users perhaps feeling a little out in the cold. A recent Jagex development livestream may have just cleared some of that doubt, as it demonstrated the game running on an iPhone live.

According to one of the devs helping with the demo, the iOS version of RuneScape Mobile is “nearly there,” with most features working as expected, though there are some compliance issues that need to be cleared through before the game can arrive to the iOS Store. Once all of those issues are sorted, the devs plan on a closed beta phase, then an open testing phase shortly after. Timing on when this will all happen was not elaborated on, as the team is still not clear about when those windows will be open; again, meeting compliance is key.

Even if things are still up in the air, you can at least get a good idea of the progress being made for RuneScape Mobile on iOS in the video below.

source: YouTube

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