Take a peek at Korean mobile MMO TERA Hero in action


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reporting on TERA Hero, the Korean mobile MMO version of the original TERA which first started off life as TERA Frontier. So, now that the game has officially launched, just how is it? The folks at MMO Culture have offered a quick overview along with some gameplay footage.

The video footage in question is apparently running off of an emulator, and so some of the visual fidelity one would expect out of an Unreal Engine 4 game is lost. That said, the preview does at least seem to get a general grasp of how the game plays. In short; it’s not exactly impressive, owing to TERA Hero’s three-character team gameplay:

“Our main complain[t] is that just having three heroes in a team seems not to provide the combat satisfaction or feel-good factor we yearn. As you would have expected, battles are mostly automated, but the AI does not work really well when it comes to casting skills, especially heals. We found ourselves having to manually cast healing spells most of the time to keep the team alive.”

If you’re still curious about how this one operates, there’s an hour’s worth of gameplay footage to check out below, as well as a quick look at the various heroes players can recruit to their team.


source: MMO Culture
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