Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen discusses stats balancing, character models for next pre-alpha


The numbers game of an MMORPG is pretty vital, especially one where stats, levels, and other sorts of numerical progression are concerned. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is focusing on all of those numerical matters for its next pre-alpha test according to the latest development update livestream, which also shows off some new character models for the Skar, Dark Myr, and Arkhai.

According to creative director Chris Perkins, the next pre-alpha test build is “all about the gameplay loop,” with particular focus on making sure that stats and character progression are adjusted from start to finish. This should result in a more true representation of how stats in Pantheon will work, and will include things like constitution, critical hit rating, and attack and spell rating among other attributes.

The video then went to show off a variety of character models for the Skar, Dark Myr, and Arkhai races, as well as discuss some of the lore around each race and their general design aesthetic. The devs also made sure to answer a number of player questions over the course of the stream regarding both stats and these new races.

As is often the case, it’s another lengthy viewing, but certainly interesting for fans of the developing MMO.

source: YouTube. Thanks, Tony!

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Ben Stone

Very cool looking races. I didn’t have much faith in Pantheon at Kickstarter but it is shaping up nicely.