Star Wars: The Old Republic continues discussing the Alderaan Stronghold’s design


Are you enjoying your Alderaanian house in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Would you like to continue the discussion about its design that started earlier this month?? Because the devs sure would.

The second part of this dive into the recently released house features narrative systems designer Skott Bechara and world designer Ben Brzowski, who worked on things like decoration hook layouts as well as the functionality of the Killik cave and the entire house. The in-house interview doesn’t really get too specific beyond each person’s favorite aspect of creating the Alderaan Stronghold and what makes it unique, but it does hint that there’s a hidden achievement in the housing plot.

It’s generally light reading even for those invested in this little slice of the SWTOR world, but it never hurts to peer into the minds of the devs now and again.

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It is quite a beautiful big stronghold. It’s much better than the one I settled on getting for my main one. I guess that’s the point and all, make it better so people will want to purchase it :D