ArcheAge brings the Pawesome Festival around to give everyone some adorable furry pets

Paws for impact.

Do you want to share your adventure in ArcheAge with a sentient pillow filled with knives who screams for food and breaks things in your home for no reason? Then you’ll love getting a cat in the game’s Pawesome Festival because that’s what cats do. We suppose you could get a puppy or an elk or something else, but none of those animals will show you their fluffy belly for petting and then just bite you because it’s funny. Heck, elk don’t even have paws.

Players eager to pick up their furry little monster will need to start a series of quests for Nairamdal, and upon completion you can pick out your favorite companion who will sit on your chest when you try to sleep. You can also purchase a variety of pet-related items with Festival Coins, such as cozy pet beds for your cat to ignore in favor of your pillows and a pet leash that will cause your cat to have a screaming meltdown when used. So, you know, that’s motivation in and of itself.

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