Dark Heart of Skyrim arrives to Elder Scrolls Online’s console version with the launch of Harrowstorm


Console fans, your wait is over, as The Elder Scrolls Online‘s Harrowstorm DLC and Update 25 are now making their way to you. Assuming you started patching already. You… you did start patching already, right? Yes, the pain of a complete redownload wasn’t just for PC players; it’s also for those on Xbox One and PS4 too.

As we’ve previously covered, Update 25 is chiefly performance fixes and a “massive patching overhaul for the ESO game client,” while the separate Harrowstorm DLC includes the Unhallowed Grave and Icereach dungeons:

Unhallowed Grave: Raiders and grave robbers have forced their way into an ancient burial site in Bangkorai seeking an ancient power that has remained imprisoned for centuries. Players must enter a long-forgotten tomb, uncover the reasons for the crypt’s invasion, and put a stop to the invader’s plans before it is too late.

Icecreach: Skyrim’s northern coast is beset by a terrible, supernatural storm whose origin appears to be the island home of a powerful coven of witches. Players travel to Icereach to confront the witches and stop their deadly ritual before it brings ruin upon all of Skyrim. More details are on our preview blog.

Don’t miss our own first impressions of the new dungeons!

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