Dreadlands is a shared world turn-based tactics game set in a post-apocalyptic land


We’ve got a little something different arriving to Steam Early Access, and that is kind of saying something, all things considered. Allow us to cast a quick spotlight over Dreadlands, a tactical turn-based game set in a shared world ravaged by some form of post-apocalyptic disaster. It’s a bit unclear what happened, honestly.

What is reasonably clear is how gameplay will work. Players build up teams of one of two factions — the Scrappers or the Tribe-kin — in a quest for an important resource known as Glow. Combat operates using an action point system that lets players take combinations of actions like moving and shooting, as well as with the use of Tactics Cards that can apply a variety of unique effects and a morale system that lets players “break the hearts & minds of [their] enemies.” Characters level up using XP (naturally), but bonus XP can be earned by completing in-match challenges and players can name a member of their team an MVP for even more XP.

As for the multiplayer aspect of the game, the early access launch version will feature PvP, while later updates will add things like co-op and PvP seasons and rankings. Additional features like an endless dungeon, base building and management, a third playable faction, and Glow Hunt missions will also be added. As far as things to do in Dreadlands at launch, players can expect side quests, the first part of a three-part main campaign, and the aforementioned PvP.

Dreadlands is out on Steam Early Access now and will be in early access for about six months.

source: Steam, press release

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So, I could pay to test this game (instead of being paid to test it), or I could wait until it’s done to check it out…

I’ll wait until it’s done. Won’t get fooled again!

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This is one of those games that seems interesting to me, but am really not sure how well it’ll do what they say it will. Am very tempted to break my no more Early Access game policy.