Final Fantasy XI’s newest patch brings the Odyssey to the game

We're going to be here for a very long while, princess.

We are sorry to tell you that the latest patch notes for Final Fantasy XI do not contain any new information about yesterday’s surprise that there is a new scenario in the works for the game. The patch notes do, however, contain information about the new battle content “Odyssey,” which is clearly made to be content with future expansions and starts out in Rabao. Players can earn currency with which to open chests during the content, with entries limited to once per a 20-hour period.

The patch also brings in a new alter ego, new upgrades to Ambuscade, and a few changes to Domain Invasions to balance the experience and make the random dragon spawning mid-map into less of a burden. All good things! You’ll have to wait a little longer to learn more about that surprise news, but until then you can enjoy some all-new battle content in the game that just keeps on trucking.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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