TERA PC patches in Kaia’s Anvil as 28 days of dungeon runs begins

PC players of En Masse’s MMORPG TERA are in for a treat today with the launch of the latest content drop, Kaia’s Anvil. En Masse says “the update adds new and improved dungeons, new mythic rarity gear, updates to the Adventure Coin system used to gain entry to dungeons, and a four-week dungeon play event” for oodles of rewards. So who the heck is Kaia and why do we care about her anvil?

“Kaia the Shieldmaiden, goddess, all-around badass, and hero of the Divine Wars, has linked her fate to that of the mortal races. In order to protect them – and herself – she has requested help in investigating troubling reports from the high-flying Exodor Archipelago about dangers threatening the world below. In the new Corrupted Skynest 5-player dungeon, players battle through dangerous enemies to acquire a piece of the dead god Sikander’s soul from the resurrected Kelsaik and transform their equipment into more powerful, ‘mythic’ gear. Players can also challenge themselves in the Forbidden Arena, a new 5-player dungeon locked away behind a rediscovered teleportal. Dating from the time of the Divine Wars, it contains a powerful foe just as deadly as when it was first created thousands of years ago.”

Definitely check out the patch notes and the whole scoop on the four-week dungeon play event. “Players must complete 28 runs in each of four different dungeons over 28 days” for the best rewards. Best get going!

Source: Official site, press release
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