Albion Online works to limit alliances, ganking, and underwhelming loot in its latest patch


It’d be unfair to call the latest patch forĀ Albion Online a course correction; rather, it’s more of an ongoing course adjustment. Alliances, for example, are continuing to have their limits tested; any alliance or guild with control of 10 or more territories will now see reduced Silver and Fame income in order to help push down the value of controlling huge swaths of the map. The hope is to create a limit wherein there’s more incentive for map turnover and more even distribution of power. It’s part of an ongoing process of the aforementioned course adjustment, as mentioned.

Portal zones in Outlands have also become far more dangerous, so Invisibility Shrines have been added to each area around the portals and there are now four exits to prevent bottlenecking. There are also upgrades to loot in dungeons, with T7 dungeons no longer dropping less than T5 loot and T8 similarly not dropping below T6. It’s all part of a steady set of nudges to encourage players to be more active and do more in the game, including the more challenging dungeon modes.

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