Daybreak’s new EverQuest and EverQuest II boss Jennifer Chan addresses players in new dev blog

JChan talks anniversaries, Overseer, and the summer fan gathering


Last week, Daybreak’s Holly Longdale stunned players of EverQuest and EverQuest II when she announced she’d be leaving the Daybreak team she’s headed up for almost the last five years – and the substudio she’d just taken over, Darkpaw Games. But as we noted yesterday, we weren’t in much of a panic over it, as the capable-sounding Jennifer Chan was taking the reins. (Hey, I instinctively trust compulsive list-makers. They are my people.)

Chan has already penned a producer letter for fans of both games, which we’d like to think is a good sign of her communication intentions going forward. As previously noted, she was a programmer on the games for five years and technical director for the last six, making her a longtime veteran not just of SOE/Daybreak but the MMORPG genre itself.

“I want to reassure you that the change of guard does not mean change of plans in EverQuest II,” she says. “We are moving full steam ahead on our road map for the year with lots of new and additional fun content in store. EverQuest is about to celebrate its 21st birthday and it’s an honor to be blessed by the love and dedication that you all have for the franchise, and with EverQuest’s 21st, that means Chronoportal is coming, and we’ll have more info on that in the next few days.”

“The team is planning on bringing some major changes to Overseer with the upcoming Game Update in April, including a leveling component and a new season, which will add some new layers to Overseer. The GU will also include some class balance changes that have been talked about in the past and is sure to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time! We’ve pushed several changes over the past few months (and more today with the current update) to help with overall server performance and stability, with more planned for the future. With the new patching schedule and those performance fixes we hope to see marked changes during your play experience. Finally, the team has already started the planning for expansion 17, and some of the ideas they’ve been cooking up in there are seriously fun and I’m excited to talk about them as we get closer to the release.”

Notably, she does tease “plans for a fan gathering this summer,” so it sounds like that is still happening, at least for now.

Source: Daybreak

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Wendigo Runner

Global Pandemic: *exists*
Anywhere with sense: *shuts down literally everything to help people survive*

I know that people may over use the expression “out of touch”, but… really?

Even if it magically passes in a month or two is now really the time to even suggest such a thing?

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

“We’re moving full steam ahead on the exact problems that keep Everquest II a bloated mess and we are planning a new expansion to add to that bloat.”

Kickstarter Donor

Exactly. When I saw she’s been a big part of the game’s direction over the past 5+ years, my heart sank. They need someone who is going to actually look at where the game is at, try to identify the larger issues, and fix them… not do some minor balance tweaks while working on another expansion and a fan faire for a country dealing with coronavirus.


E3 gets cancelled that’s like 2 hour drive away from where they are and they still talk about summer fan fest. they seem so out of touch with everything. they need to just hurry up and sell the company and quit dragging there fans through the mud

Castagere Shaikura

I would just like to see them update stuff under the hood before any new content. Spend some time fixing things and improving other things like its map and quest tracker. Smooth out the combat even.


Translation:comment image

Henrik Boriths

No changes? I still play this game daily and raid 3 days a week this game needs change from the bottom up. It needs to return to what made the game fun, not be a discount version of world of warcraft.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but I suspect “I want to reassure you that the change of guard does not mean change of plans in EverQuest II,” is exactly what the fans of the franchise are concerned about.

The company’s future plans around the EverQuest franchise are what people want to be reassured about – not that things will remain status-quo. And this would have been an opportune moment to do just that.

Of course, that assumes there are future plans for the franchise that are more than outlines and PowerPoint presentations intended to entice possible purchasers of the newly spun-off companies…

Kickstarter Donor

This. Keeping EQ1/2 supported with the same level of updates isn’t going to light the world on fire. And at this point, I think we can all agree there’s no “second life” left in those titles any longer and they’re pretty much working just to maintain their players.

I want to know about the future of the franchise. And I get that they can’t reveal plans even if they’re working on something because it’s not the right time.

I get it, this letter was intended to be more of a, “Don’t abandon ship, the new captain knows what she’s doing and everything is fine.” and it achieves that well IMO.

As a lapsed EQ fan though, this does nothing for me. It’s been years since Daybreak became a thing and we’ve heard literally fuckall about the EQ franchise since then…or really any of their franchises outside of the huge whiff they had with PS:A. I get that Darkpaw Games is still comparatively new, but pretty much the only thing that’ll get me remotely interested in the brand again is a fresh installment of some sorts.

Doesn’t even need to be a MMO or anything, I’d be fine with something like Champions of Norrath on PS2. Just give us SOMETHING to let us know that the franchise isn’t functionally in hospice care.

Ben Stone

Same. I love the EQ lore, but I can’t go back to the mess they have made (again). It would take a full overhaul, or basically a new game at this point.

The thing is, they don’t actually need to reinvent the wheel with the next EQ. People just want an EQ world with current graphics that runs well and isn’t full of bloated convoluted progression systems.

That in itself is a game niche we don’t have at the moment.