MMORTS Starborne announces an open beta on April 2

MMORTS Starborne announces an open beta on April 2

No April foolin’, Starborne, the large-scale MMORTS that comes from several former EVE Online luminaries is making way for new territory with a confirmed open beta launch of Thursday, April 2nd.

After what is being lauded as a successful round of alpha testing, with over 180,000 registered players logging a total of 77,000 days’ worth of game time, Starborne is moving in to open beta with a new map, improved performance and stability, a refined game pace and extension of game rounds to ten weeks in total, and an in-game tutorial in order to make the title more new player friendly. There are also three victory conditions now, letting players win via military conquest, industrial superiority, or by controlling the most space and having the largest domain. Players can also find new sights in the frontier of space such as alien artifacts, vortexes, and broken planets.

As is often the case with announcements like this, there’s a big happy trailer showcasing the open beta’s arrival. That can be viewed below if you’re curious about this one.

source: press release

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