Star Trek Online invites players to take part in the design of the next summer event ship


The summer event ships inĀ Star Trek Online are a long-standing tradition, but this year Cryptic Studios is doing something different. In prior years, players have gotten to see the results of the design process but not really taken part in it at all. This year, though, players who watch the official development show on specific dates will be able to help choose the design for the upcoming Risian science ship to be added to the game.

Starting today at 2:00 p.m. EDT, a team member will be on the stream once per week drawing a ship based on the aforementioned concept (Risian science vessel) over the course of two hours. After all four designs have been handled, players will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite designs, with the winning design getting turned into a full concept and eventually appearing in the game for this year’s summer festival. So if you’re eager to have a voice in the next ship being added for an event, well, why not watch the designs happen?