Call of Duty: Warzone launches to day one numbers greater than Apex Legends’

Bang bang.

Those people who like their military shooty-shoots and also like their battle royale games got something of a treat when Call of Duty: Warzone launched as a new product. It’s Call of Duty! It’s a battle royale! It actually has tie-in benefits if you’ve been grinding in the most recent Call of Duty title! And the public reacted with… well, no small amount of enthusiasm, with an official acknowledgement of over six million people logging in to play the spinoff.

The obvious point of comparison is Apex Legends, which also launched sort of from nowhere and managed to notch up 2.5 million players when it did so. Of course, there’s some noteworthy differences, since Apex Legends was also a new title with basically no marketing ahead of launch, much less an installed base of any sort. Still, it’s an impressive haul for the first day of a new title no matter how you slice it; let’s see if people keep playing it moving forward.


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The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

It’s telling how short our memories can be: a lot of the coverage I saw yesterday was “oh wow, Call of Duty has a battle royale now” and “Call of Duty finally hopps on the battle royale craze”, but last year’s Black Ops 4 also had a battle royale mode.

It’s significant that this is a free to play expansion, and also incredibly smart on ActBliz’s part: getting the BR installs the entire client on your machine, so if you decide to buy into the rest of the game it’s a quick trip through the store, and then you’re into the game pretty much instantly.


There’s actually two modes. Battle Royal, & Plunder.