Fallout 76 previews Wastelanders’ looting and gardening, Fallout Shelter Online goes global


Bethsoft has dropped another preview of what’s coming with Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion next month, with a little hint of everything from the acid damage effects on specific power armor to looting. “Going forward, when you find items that are not in containers like weapons, food, recipes, and many others, you will be given the option to press and hold the interact button to use that item right away,” the studio says. There’s also some news for budding gardeners. I mean, when you think “post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland,” you definitely leap to “gardens.”

“Green thumbed Dwellers in the community have been asking more flexibility in where they can plant crops within their C.A.M.P.s. We’d like share a sneak peek of a new reputation reward coming with Wastelanders that we hope budding farmhands around Appalachia are going to love: Farmable Tiles. Farmable Tiles are a new option when building that will let you place fertile soil wherever you can construct a floor or foundation in your C.A.M.P. In addition to planting outside your home, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by planting crops indoors, or even on the roof. Of course, this is just one of several rewards you can get by increasing your reputation with the Settler and Raider factions, and we are excited for you to discover the others as you progress.”

In other Fallout news, MMO Culture reported earlier this week that Fallout Shelter Online, previously aimed at Chinese gamers years ago, is getting a global version, though right now it’s not yet open to pre-registration in North America. It does indeed include MMO staples like PvE, PvP, a guild system, and a frustrating gacha system.


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farmable rooves? i wonder what’s the point of the farmable planters they’re putting in the deluxe edition.


Wonder how much it differs from the current Fallout Shelter, which I picked back up to kill some idle time at work after finally deciding to call it quits on Galaxy of Heroes since the latter was ultimately just a piece of P2W garbage that tries to overwhelm you with daily activities to keep up with if you want to make any progress without paying money.

Fallout Shelter does have a gacha system of sorts with its lunchboxes, but they’re more like a fun bonus rather than a necessity, and you can earn them occasionally while playing normally (and normal play is pretty relaxed outside of dealing with raider attacks and running explorers through buildings).

Also good to read that they’re finally adding soil tiles for CAMPs in 76 so you can actually do roof gardening and such rather than just throwing seeds out in the dirt wherever you can and hoping that hostile NPCs don’t destroy the plants.