Path of Exile posts Delirium patch notes, passive tree data, and item filter information


Path of Exile is either trying to ensure its players are as well-prepared as they can be, or give them all information overload, I’m not clear which. In either case, a huge swath of details have been shared for the upcoming Delirium update, including the full patch notes, information on the game’s updated passive tree, and some item filter information.

The patch notes, as one might anticipate, are pretty massive, outlining all that’s new with this update including the Delirium League itself, changes to the Atlas, item balance changes, character balance changes, and a whole lot more. There’s just too much to really try to summarize here, honestly, but at least each individual slice of the larger pie is linked in order for players to navigate to their points of interest.

In addition to the patch notes, the announcement post also provided a wide variety of other details like item filter information for new items, item filter functionality, and map tiers, as well as a downloadable file with updated passive tree information for players who make community tools.

All of these details are most certainly interesting, but perhaps the most important update of all is that the Favour cost of decorations is being reduced by as much as 80% in some cases in the interest of making sure all players get to decorate their Hideouts. Because housing is important.

If all of those links are indeed information overload, you’re likely better off checking out MJ’s look at the update in her Wandering Wraeclast column.

sources: official forums (1, 2), Twitter
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