Star Citizen hosts an AMA regarding the survival mechanics of alpha 3.9


Operation: Feed the Avatars of Star Citizen will be underway with update 3.9, which will introduce, among other things, some light survival mechanics. It was those mechanics that were the focus of a recent AMA on the game’s forums, where the devs fielded several questions about the system.

The questions were pretty varied, from what specific items are used to stave off hunger and thirst to how armor sets will protect against heat and cold. The devs have once more stated their intention of making the need to eat and drink as unobtrusive as possible, with adverse effects being gradual and dying from hunger or thirst taking several real-life hours; the timing is still being adjusted in testing. As for storing food and drink, sealed items will be in your character’s personal inventory and will persist so long as they remain unopened. Additionally, players will be able to help others out who are suffering from adverse effects of hunger and thirst by dropping a food item for someone to pick up.

The devs have confirmed that all armor sets will retroactively include protection from heat and cold and that tooltips will inform players of these values, but the more extreme climates like microTech will require specialized suits that are coming in update 3.9 as well. The vacuum of space, however, will have no temperature, so leaving your ship will not require you to put on a specialized suit. You’ll still want your helmet on, though.

Though a number of the questions were asked on a semi-repeated basis, the AMA is still worth a quick once-over if you’re interested in making sure your Star Citizen survives from day to day. Personally, I’m going to pack all of the burritos into my suit.


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Dankey Kang

I feel like it just took a leap towards no man’s sky with the introduction of these mechanics, which is fine because I love that game.

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Let’s just copy the eat/drink mechanics of the dime-a-dozen survival games out there is such an odd choice to me for this game that’s ambitiously different in so many other ways.

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I really liked them hosting an AMA. They should do that more often.

As for the actual eat-or-die mechanic, it sounds… weird for a futuristic (or even modern) setting. The idea of simply not having enough time to acquire, and thus dying is hilarious.

I have visions of sprinting through a space station, desperate to reach the food court before the eat-or-die timer reaches zero.

Hopefully it will be better than that.


Well several real life hours can mean several days in the game, so no you won’t die of hunger if you’re capable of click a few times every game session.
My guess is if you played Kingdom Come you know what to expect