Crowfall details a quartet of its racial disciplines


Your choice of race matters inĀ Crowfall. Not simply in the sense that it affects your options when it comes to character classes, although there’s that too; no, it also affects your selection of powers and abilities and gives you more options for building your distinct character. The latest article on the official site details the expanded racial options for Half-Giants whilst also showing off the options for Guineceans, the Fae, and the Minotaurs.

Fae, naturally, are mobile and able to double-jump and glide while potentially dealing much more melee damage or remove toxic damage. Minotaurs are gigantic (so they need more food) but harder to hurt or stun, along with having a bull rush and an instant heal. Half-Giants? Similarly large, but they do more damage after suffering several hits, deal more damage on crits, and can gather faster. And the fuzzy Guineceans snare targets with pistol rounds while also dealing more damage with weapons and getting more benefit out of food. Check out the full rundown to learn more of how your race can interact with your overall build.


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