EVE Online returns to China after a two-year interruption

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EVE Online has been given the thumbs-up by the People’s Republic of China.

The space sandbox MMORPG originally released in China back in 2006, at which time Tiancity handled the publishing duties. That deal ran out in 2018 and the game was put on hold until a new local operator could be found. Thanks to an agreement with NetEase, EVE Online is able to spin back up and will be relaunching soon in the country. An open beta is planned prior to the launch.

It’s not clear whether or not former Chinese EVE players will be able to continue their old characters or will have to start all over again, but the studio did confirm that the country would have its own server separate from the global Tranquility shard.

Last year, CCP predicted that China would be EVE Online’s single biggest market within two years. The company is now owned by South Korea-based Pearl Abyss.

In other EVE news, the team welcomed aboard a new community manager: “CCP Aurora, formerly known as Katalya Myst, will be helping us out with various community initiatives, player outreach, and other plans we have in store for 2020!”

Source: CCP Games


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Tom De Laet

Hey guys uhm I think you’re trying to say CCP is owned by South Korea based Pearl Abyss. Anyways interesting article as I will be interested how many Chinese players will make the transfer and it’s effects on the economy.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

If companies can break through the insane amount of Chinese regulations then China is a mint that carries on printing money, yeah. There’s a lot of people there = a lot of potential customers. But those regulations…

I’ve heard there’s a secret network of Chinese players on Tranquillity but that’s just a myth. Still, space is big. So big it makes the word big look small and unworthy a word of describing space. Virtual space included. But the secret Chinese players could be on Tranquillity somewhere. Because space is big.