Star Citizen offers a look at mining laser consumables and tours the Esperia Prowler dropship


If it’s Friday, it’s another Star Citizen video! Yes, the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen is live once more and it offers a look at a new item for mining lasers and a full shakedown of the upcoming Esperia Prowler dropship.

First up, the video offered a peek at mining consumables, which are pieces of tech that can be fitted in to mining lasers and engaged in order to change a mining laser’s parameters for a short period of time as well as adding some visible effects to the laser. This should provide another layer of strategy when chewing on space rocks, letting players mitigate things like rock toughness. However, some of these items also can affect things like a target rock’s instability and shatter damage, so use of these items will need to be carefully considered whether space miners are behind the controls of a MOLE or a Prospector.

The video then took a complete tour of the upcoming Tevarin-styled Prowler dropship. The preview looked at practically every corner of this piece of avian aerospace tech, from the multitude of seats at the lower level to house fighters to the unique method that the ship is controlled. The ship also has a unique visual profile inside and out, with lighting that’s meant to invoke being in a forest and armor plating that keeps even the cockpit enclosed yet still lets the pilot see out.

These features are due to arrive in alpha 3.9, but you can get a peek now in the embedded video below.

source: YouTube

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