Warframe studio Digital Extremes cancels in-person TennoCon 2020, turns it fully online


Another MMO-adjacent gaming event has now been canceled in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. “TennoCon is going fully digital!” Warframe studio Digital Extremes announced this afternoon. “We’ve decided to cancel the attendee portion of TennoCon due to widespread concerns surrounding COVID-19.”

Tennocon was originally slated for July 11th in its London, Ontario, Canada location. Here’s the new message to attendees on the official site.

“Due to the widespread concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the attendee event portion of TennoCon 2020. While this was not an easy decision for us to make, the health and well-being of our players and our development team is our top priority. Sharing the magic and excitement of TennoCon is still incredibly important to us. We are putting together plans that will enable every Tenno worldwide to digitally share in the magic and excitement of TennoCon on July 11. We’ll have more details to share soon. Despite the lack of physical event this year, we will still work to support local charity partners. We will announce more details — including this year’s charities — soon. We sincerely apologize to any Tenno who planned to attend TennoCon. If you’ve already booked travel arrangements, we strongly recommend you reach out to your travel provider as soon as possible.”

Source: Twitter. Cheers, Ben.

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On one hand, you could say it’s a bit early to call of an event 4 months in advance given the time line of the situation in the east (and apparently an antibody has been found this morning), on the other hand it’s the only safe decision to be made since this gives people ample time to cancel flights and hotel bookings so there’s much less financial strain on everyone involved.

Danny Smith

Rebb will still get her stealth Jojo cosplay on again and this time without people screaming where The New War is so win win? :p


Rebb got quite emotional talking about the decision during the devstream, getting to meet fans at TennoCon every year clearly means a lot to the team.

They’re also going to be putting their official streams on hiatus next week as they transition to staff working from home as much as possible rather than coming in to the streaming studio at the office.