CIG offers an update on Squadron 42 progress, plans changes to the game’s roadmap


Most of the news surrounding Squadron 42 has been mired in the legal battle between CIG and Crytek, but now that the matter is settled, the devs seem to be ready to report in on the single-player game’s progress.

In the latest episode of Calling All Devs, CIG announced that Brian Chambers will be the VP of development for Squadron 42 while Erin Chambers will be moving on to work with the persistent universe aspect of Star Citizen. From there, the video went to discuss why there hasn’t been any roadmap updates for the game. In short, CIG believes that the current roadmap format for the open world works, but is not too informative for the type of game that SQ42 is, and so the team is exploring options.

This was reflected in the latest Roadmap Roundup post, which shares options like posting SQ42’s internal sprint-tracking progress to keep backers updated on the game’s development, along with integrating news on the game’s movement in features like Sprint Reports on Inside Star Citizen, Calling All Devs, AMAs, and even regular video reports from Chambers himself.

The video then moved on to talk about the game’s progress. CIG has been busy, re-shooting all of the game’s scenes in mocap to account for the new female playable character model, working on a variety of AI systems, and reportedly making steady progress in terms of visual design after an apparently flat period leading in to this point. Squadron 42 also reportedly has a playable build, with a six hour-long review being played that only had one crash.

You can get the full details about Squadron 42’s progress in the embed below, or you can get a pretty handy synopsis from one of the more helpful folks on Reddit.

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