Albion Online’s 2020 roadmap promises more solo and small group content, improved faction warfare


The remainder of 2020 in Albion Online looks to be an important one for a number of different playstyles in the game if the recent roadmap is any indication, with promise of more things for solo players, small groups, and those who prefer the Royal Continent over the Outlands for their large-scale PvP needs.

With the Queen update now out of the door, the devs are making their next update focused on solo and small group gameplay. One of the headlining features of this update are the Roads of Avalon, which are a network of roads through the Mists that link different locations across Albion together and offer up a vast number of small-scale gameplay options along the way like solo or small group activities, places for small guilds to settle in the Mists without facing the competition of the Outlands, and, of course, a variety of travel options around the game’s world, including arrival to the Outlands far away from the ganking of the city portals. These roads are only open for a limited length of time and only let a limited number of players pass through them.

There’s also a new solo dungeon in the works for this update known as the Corrupted Solo Dungeon, a non-linear delve full of mobs possessed by Albion’s hell dimension. This dungeon effectively swallows up a lone player and shuts the door behind them, forcing them to fight their way out by defeating minions and eventually a boss monster. Another player can invade this dungeon, taking on the player inside in one-on-one PvP.

Further down the line, Albion Online’s devs are looking to make faction warfare both an introduction to open PvP for new players while also adding depth for those who prefer RvR style gameplay. Specifics on how the team will accomplish this weren’t provided, but the roadmap promises new updates including more meaningful rewards and faction standing.

The roadmap also promises a wave of changes for the next guild season in May, a variety of combat balance adjustments over the course of the current season, a new set of artifact weapons, and a number of economy-minded adjustments like more tier six, seven, and eight resources spawning in the Outlands, fixes for fishing in the Outlands, and an overhaul of crafting times among other things. In short, there’s plenty for players to look forward to.

Speaking of players in Albion Online, make sure to keep eyes on this month’s Choose My Adventure, which is taking a dive into the sandbox every week this March.


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Buddy Barlow

Anyone playing this game? Not sure about New World now…im kinda interested in trying out Albion

James Balmer

It’s free to play, give it a go. There’s a lot of grinding, but it’s not as mindless as other MMO’s, if anything it is incredibly rewarding. I played for about 10 hours, grinded loads, and then I was killed and all my loot stolen. I quit after that, it’s not for me, but I can see why others would absolutely adore it.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I thought this one would be sure to fail but the game seems to really be on a roll right now.