High Treason is a low-fantasy PvP MMO with an optional permadeath mode


Just in case you’re among those who are opining that MMORPGs are too easy and not hardcore enough, there’s another incoming title to serve your totally not-niche and absolutely correct tastes. It’s called High Treason, and it styles itself as a low-fantasy PvP MMO where players can complete quests, loot towns, caves, and dungeons, and, of course, hunt down one another. Gameplay can be performed solo or in groups, as one would expect.

One of High Treason’s unique bullet points is its item progression system, which requires specific tasks to be carried out in order to refine a given item. For example, some weapons may be bloodthirsty and demand kills, while others may need to be sharpened with a grinding stone or polished with a wolf pelt. Skills are tied to weapons as well, with shields having charge and swipe abilities and daggers offering a shadowstep skill as given examples.

Another unique feature of High Treason is an optional hardcore mode, which introduces permadeath to the game. For those who can survive in this mode the longest, there’s a leaderboard to let everyone else know of your accomplishment.

High Treason does not have a release date yet beyond soon™, but it can be wishlisted on Steam. That is, assuming you’re a bad enough dude to take it on.

source: Steam, thanks to Miki for the tip!
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