MMO Week in Review: So we’re going to Cantha


The spreading coronavirus has dominated headlines around the world this week, and we can’t escape it even here, as gaming events cancel and gaming companies work from home. To get a feel for how long this week has felt… E3 was cancelled only Wednesday.

Meanwhile, MMORPGs are opening their arms as comfort destinations for millions of MMO fans now stuck at home for what’s likely going to be many weeks of quarantine. The highlight? Guild Wars 2 announced another expansion, finally. Even better? It’s Cantha, no joke. The downside? Sources tell us Mike Zadorojny left the company a few months ago and nobody ‘fessed up. Win some, lose some.

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The real question is when should we expect this new xpack to happen? Heart of Thorns was 9 months from announcement to release date. Path of Fire was 7 weeks. Based on the recent announcement that we’d get season ‘saga’ releases for the foreseeable future from Mike Z and then we find out about the quiet dismissal of Mike Z and the announcement of this Cantha xpack, I would suspect we’re looking at quite some time as they may have just started ramping up production of it. NCSoft Seattle as I like to think of it now.

Axetwin .

I expect a few months after the Icrbood Saga ends. Which, if they stick to 6 episodes per Arc, is only halfway through (as of next week). Winds of Change (yes, that is what I’m predicting the Xpac will be called) is probably a year or more out. Anet doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation for releasing Living World updates in a concise and swift manner.


Even Nixon went to Cantha…

“I think that was China, Uta.”

…oh right! O.o