Prosperous Universe lets players rent warehouses and design mushrooms in the Presence update


Of the myriad things players can do in the economy-minded sandbox of Prosperous Universe, one thing they couldn’t do was create their own delicious mushrooms. At long last, though, that vaunted dream can be a reality thanks to the newly released Presence update, which finally lets players create tasty fungi of their own design. Oh, there’s also the ability to rent warehouses which expands your interstellar business storage, but honestly, we all know we’re here for the mushrooms.

Yes, warehouse rental is now a thing in Prosperous Universe, which will let players store commodities on planets that they don’t even have a base on. There are also features that let players can post shipping ads at local markets to pay haulers to move goods from planet to planet. And, of course, there’s a new protein source in the form of player-designed mushrooms, which can be cultivated in a hydroculture and used in ration recipes. Earthy and nutritious!

In addition to adding mushroom-flavored rations, Prsoperous Universe has also been busy considering the problems with bots, or more specifically placing, removing, and immediately re-posting market orders that are 0.01 less than the lowest price. This act of penny undercutting is being noticed by the devs at simulogics, who are looking into adding trading fees to place and remove orders at commodity exchanges to try to discourage the tactic. The linked development log also talks about things like shipping contracts and the new player tutorial, so it’s probably worth a look for players.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Not a fan of being charged to just put an buy/sell order, but this kind of botting should be discouraged, so bring all of the fees!