New World’s latest video dev diary covers weapons and specializations

Let's talk about real-time action combat purity tests.

Gosh, that was a mistake.

If you’re eagerly looking forward to New World, you will want to watch the video below. Then you will hear the first words spoken in the video by Lead UX Designer Dan Henuber and you will probably pause for a moment, not sure whether you heard it quite right. But you did. As transcribed directly from the video:

“New World is an MMO, but unlike MMOs, our combat system is 100% real-time action combat.”

At that moment, several MMOs with action combat will look at the camera as if they were in The Office. You are invited to join them.

The video itself does go into some additional detail about the game’s combat system, showing off the ways that the different weapons work and how the weapon-based specialization works as a whole. But if you know a fair bit about MMOs on a whole and the genre’s history, there are… well, certain quotes that stand out as requiring a very thin reference pool to make any amount of sense. Still, you can watch the video for yourself just below.

Source: YouTube
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