Steam hits a new peak of 20 million concurrent users thanks to quarantines and social distancing


It’s very likely that global quarantines caused by the novel coronavirus have helped matters, but regardless of the reason, Steam concurrency numbers hit a new peak this weekend, topping off at over 20 million players online at once.

The breakdown effectively showcases that the big games are simply got bigger, with PUBG cresting at over 500K players, Dota 2 getting to nearly 700K players, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hitting its own new record of one million concurrent players, the most in the shooter’s seven year history.

There are, of course, a number of factors likely at play, either with these titles improving themselves over time, the previously alluded to quarantines, or just a basic sense of comfort people have with specific titles. Whatever the reason, it was a busy couple of days for Steam and it’s likely only going to get busier over the next few weeks.

sources: Steam via DSO Gaming, PCGamesN
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