Black Desert Mobile brings the Dark Knight on March 24 and hands out goodies to new and returning players


There are a few things going on in Black Desert Mobile right now. Or happening soon. Really, it’s kind of a busy time for the pocket MMORPG in general, what with the Dark Knight’s scheduled arrival on Tuesday, March 24th, a new update on the horizon that makes some changes to Siege War and camps, and an event for new or returning players to take advantage of.

The headlining feature, of course, is the incoming Dark Knight class, which is already having its pre-registration event where players can get a Red Rose Chest today, March 17th, and a Gold Rose Chest on March 24th. These chests reward mystical-grade items like Valk’s armor, gloves, and shoes. There’s an update coming to Black Desert Mobile as well, which will open up two time slots for Siege War PvP and let players grow their camp structures to level seven, which brings more goods and lets camps run at greater efficiency.

As for now, there’s a special event running for new players or those who haven’t logged in to Black Desert Mobile for 14 days or more. This event offers up seven days’ worth of free stuff like Black Stones, Ancient Coins, and boxes of stuff for every day players log in. The event runs between now and the fourth maintenance of April.

Finally, in other Black Desert news, the Maehwa class is coming to the console version on Wednesday, March 18th, just in case you prefer to use a samurai blade as a female avatar. More details are expected soon on the console version’s website.

sources: press release, official site, Twitter
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